Xbox 720’s Release Date to be Announced in April?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Execs at Sony are surely looking to when Microsoft will debut the Xbox’s 360’s successor dubbed by many as the “Xbox 720”. On Tuesday, a report from the International Business Times speculated that the device could be announced sometime in April.

A firm known as Eventcore which previously handled Microsoft announcements recently registered the domain, noted a user from NeoGAF forum.

And while that didn’t give any indication of an April release – something else might have. The report from the International Business Times also noted the analysis of Rob Crossley who said Sony’s announcement of a PlayStation 4 could lead Microsoft to announce the new Xbox “sooner than previously expected.”

Whether April is the firm date remains to be seen, though. With the announcement of the PlayStation 4 that didn’t include a price or release date, Sony execs are likely looking forward to what Microsoft has to say.