Xbox Live Rewards Brings the Incentive

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Microsoft is providing an extra incentive to Xbox LIVE gamers. Late last month, official console site announced a “Play to Earn” capability.

Users can receive a free avatar item after they play 20 hours of Xbox arcade games on LIVE. Also in the mix is an incentive that allows users to receive a month’s membership to Xbox LIVE free.

And finally, users can get even more Microsoft Points. For example, if they spend at least 3200, they’ll get 800 more (Sounds good right?).

“It’s easy and fun, you can earn for playing and or buying ANY arcade game from Xbox LIVE.  So, play the games you already know and love like Minecraft, Terraria, Trials Evolution, Counterstrike: GO, Castle Crashers, The Walking Dead, LIMBO and more and discover new games to try and buy from Xbox LIVE,” states the post from

Xbox 360 owners can use Microsoft Points to receive new Games on Demand, download titles, receive add-ons and more.