Xbox One: A Feature Guide to Microsoft’s New Console

Credit: Microsoft

Credit: Microsoft

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Microsoft debuted its Xbox One console on Tuesday – a device that promises to be an “all in one entertainment system” that makes users’ televisions more intelligent.

Two simple words turn on the device with users saying “Xbox on.” Primary features of the device include:

-Instant Switching: Voice generated commands allow the user to quickly switch between games, the TV, Internet explorer, movies and more.  Microsoft says this is fast as switching channels on your TV remote.

Users can also use hand motions to control the screen.

Snap Mode: With Snap Mode, users can run multiple programs alongside one another.

Skype: Allows users to have widescreen HD with group video calls on your TV. Voice commands can allow users to answer calls.

Xbox One Guide: Find, discover and watch TV in favorites (pin content into one convenient place), channels, TV listings, trending (what everyone in the Xbox community is watching) and more. Allows you to use your voice to find out what’s on. For example, you can ask Xbox “What’s on HBO?” and it’ll simply tell you. No more memorizing channels, Microsoft says.

Tech Specs: Connected and ready: 8GB Ram, USB 3.0 WI-FI Direct, Blue Ray – practically silent operation, Microsoft claims.

Architecture: Instant switching, multitasking and effortless control – enables new experiences with no waiting.

Kinect: Completely redesigned to respond to voice and gestures. Has over 2 gigabits of data per second to understand “your world.” Tech specs include 1080p; adds more joints to understanding composure including muscle and impact, depth and more.

Controller: Updated with over 40 design innovations with an integrated battery compartment.

SmartGlass: Comes as natively part of the platform. Kinect sensor binds the devices.

New Xbox Live: 15 thousand servers power Xbox today. 300 thousand servers will be added to help Xbox One. Content available and stored with cloud computing; accessible anytime, anywhere.