Xbox One Controller Detailed by Microsoft Ahead of E3

Xbox_Controller_RHS78_TransBG_RGB_2013(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Yesterday we noted that Microsoft would be holding an Xbox community event on July 10 – one day before the E3 game festival is set to kick off in Los Angeles.

There, users will be able to go hands-on with the device. We expect a big crowd. Our suggestion? Get there really early (It’s at the Microsoft Store btw. More info here).

Meanwhile, today, the company highlighted more information on the Xbox One controller via its Xbox Wire website.

“Xbox One is designed to be the best system for gamers, and its new controller is specifically created for gaming. The Xbox One controller is instantly familiar to anyone who has used the tried-and-true Xbox 360 controller, and introduces more than 40 technology innovations that make it more immersive, precise and comfortable,” stated the company.

Below are some of the things Microsoft detailed:

Impulse Triggers: The controller features 4 vibration motors behind each trigger. Microsoft says this “adds precise haptic feedback to the fingertips, and a larger in each grip for large scale rumbles.”

“Revamped” Thumbsticks: Better grip is provided with revamped thumbsticks. They come smaller and are “outlined with a knurled texture for better grip.”

HQ Headset Audio: With Xbox One, Microsoft has improved the data transfer rate between the console and controller, something that allows for “higher fidelity audio in communication headsets.”

Buttons: The company has moved the A, B, X and Y buttons lower with tighter spacing. Microsoft says this provides a “smoother” transition between the buttons.

D-Pad: Microsoft has replaced the old D-pad design with a new one. The company says this “pays homage to classic controllers and is architectured to deliver more precision and tactile feedback for gaming.”

Power State: Step away from the device and it automatically triggers a low power state. This conserves power. It’ll pick back up once you return.

Internal Battery: With the new Xbox One controller, Microsoft has moved the battery to become part of the internal controller. This provides more room and comfort.

Connectivity: Added is “invisible reflective technology” along with LEDs. This helps “send a patterned infrared signal to your console and Kinect sensor.”