Xbox One Update Adds Battery Power Indicator and Improves Storage Space

Xbox One Update Adds Battery Power Indicator and Improves Storage Space(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – On Friday, Microsoft released the Xbox One’s first update, which brought about a number of changes and additions to the console to enhance users experiences.

The first improvement allows users to see and manage their storage, as well as controlling install lineup and download queue, states Major Nelson’s blog.

Additionally, “My Games” and “My Apps” have been separated so users can create different queues for them.

The battery power indicator has been added back the Xbox One, and can been seen on the lower right of the home screen.

Here is a list of other notes about what is availbale on  the Xbox One update:

  • Ability to delete game and application save data
  • Improved installation and DLC management
  • Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat
  • Game DVR app to be included in the Xbox OneGuide as an app channel
  • Update to the boot progress indicators for system update
  • Improve consistency of UX for update & install progress
  • Separate game, application, and install queue lists
  • Addition of USB keyboard support
  • Improved NAT detection
  • Network Troubleshooter improvements
  • Blu-ray quality improvements
  • Significant performance and stability improvements