Xbox One VS PS4: What to Expect

excitedgamers(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – How do the tech specs of Microsoft’s recently unveiled Xbox One hold up against Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console (note: we’re still waiting to see what the PS4’s hardware looks like; that should happen on 6/10).

Here’s what we do know about the consoles (Xbox One VS. PlayStation 4):

-Memory: Both the consoles are pretty impressive in this area. While the Xbox One sports 8GB 2133MGz DDR3, the PlayStation 4 will round off at 8GB 5500MHz GDDR5, according to BGR.

-CPU: Both share one common piece of architecture: An 8-core AMD Jaguar.

-TFLOPS: The Xbox one features 1.23 TFLOPS while the PlayStation features 1.8.

-Wireless: The Xbox One features 802.11n with Wi-Fi Direct while the PlayStation 4 will features 802.11n, according to CNET.

-Blu-Ray: The Xbox is finally receiving Blu-ray; something already available in the PlayStation 3.

-Pricing: A big question mark remains here. Rumors have it that the Xbox One will go for somewhere between $400 and $500. Meanwhile, an even larger question mark surrounds the PS4.