Ya Don’t Say? Babblr Adds Instant Chat to Tumblr

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Ever wish you could instant chat on Tumblr just like you do on Facebook? Well, now there’s an option just around the corner.

It’s a third-party app called Babblr.

You can access it straight from your Tumblr dashboard, create chat groups, receive audible and visual notifications along with other functionality.

“Until now, the ask box has been the primary means of communication on Tumblr…but we found that sometimes, that’s just not fast enough (e.g. telling your friend you were just joking when you said that mentos and cola were a great combination). Now with Babblr, you can take your conversations into real-time, making it easier and faster to communicate with Tumblr friends and followers with highly private, family-friendly instant chat. A first of its kind for Tumblr users,” states Babblr via its website.

Meanwhile, Babblr isn’t exactly available just yet. Its developers are asking for donations to help get things up and running.