Yahoo! Mail Celebrates Sweet 16 with Flickr-inspired Revamp

Yahoo! Mail Celebrates Sweet 16 with Flickr-inspired Revamp(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Yahoo! on Tuesday unveiled a new look and feel for its mail service just in time for the platform’s 16th birthday.

Describing the look as both “elegant and intuitive,” the company also revealed a new addition called “conversations” that allows users to view messages as group conversations.

The revamp also now features things like search, starring and deleting as “one-click actions” by hovering the mouse cursor over any chosen email message.

Also included along with the redesign is 1TB of storage in addition to what were previously considered premium features like disposable email addresses, automatic message forwarding and enhanced filters.

However, what’s most visually noticeable is the option to set visually rich themes with what Yahoo! describes as “curated Flickr photos.”

The re-launch affects desktop, iOS and Android versions of Yahoo! Mail.