Young Copy Offers Optimized Blog Writing

(Ping! Zine) – Young Copy, a leading promotional writing, technical writing, and marketing services company, announced today its optimized blog writing services help businesses develop an ongoing relationship with potential and current customers and generate pre-qualified leads. Young Copy writes optimized blog posts to increase website ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing and attract qualified, interested customers to company websites.

“People read blog posts and forward them to friends, colleagues, partners, and vendors through various social media channels – blogs are simply one of the most powerful ways to generate more pre-qualified leads,” says Dave Young, professional writer and founder of Young Copy. “Blogs also play an important role in a company’s overall SEO strategy so we optimize each blog post for increased search engine rankings using a variety of search engine optimization techniques.”

Businesses use Young Copy blog writing services to foster ongoing relationships and position themselves in front of prospective customers. Young Copy researches, writes, and optimizes blog posts containing content about a company’s products and services that visitors, subscribers, and customers are interested in reading. Young Copy blog writing services generate leads by attracting qualified prospects, thereby reducing a company’s typical sales cycles. Ongoing marketing services such as blog writing services also educate prospective and current customers about products, services, and company progress in an easily understood, informal manner.

“Well written blog posts attract search engines and qualified customers as a result of content generated specifically for our clients’ target audiences,” says Young. “With our blog writing services, prospective customers reach our clients’ blogs through search engines, read informative blog posts, and recognize our clients as trustworthy industry experts. As a result, our clients stay in front of prospective customers, partners, and vendors and continue to build relationships.”

Young Copy’s extensive experience in providing custom marketing solutions including SEO copywriting services and website content writing services, makes blog writing services a powerful addition to a company’s marketing strategy. Blog writing services boost SEO and long-term client relationships, making it one of the most effective ways to generate back-end sales as well as generate high quality leads.

“Getting a blog up and running with compelling copy aimed at your target audiences is a simple process with Young Copy,” says Young. “We get to know your organization, your current and future SEO plans, and where blog writing services fit with your overall marketing plan. Then we generate blog posts that rank well, drive traffic, and build brand equity.”

Customers interested in generating high quality leads with blog writing services and SEO copywriting services are invited to visit Young Copy’s team of expert writers crafts online and offline promotional materials for hosting, software, technology, and ecommerce companies.

About Young Copy
Young Copy was founded in 2006 by Dave Young, a professional writer with over ten years technical and writing experience. Young Copy provides world-class promotional writing services, technical writing services, and marketing services for industries including, but not limited to, software, hosting, technology, and ecommerce. Young Copy provides the highest quality in professional writing services from website content, press releases, newsletters, advertising and sales copy to user documentation, installation guides, online help, quick start guides, and other related technical documents.

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