YouTube Clone Hosting

Welcome to the first Web Hosting Show for 2011. So what is the first thing we have to talk about in the sixth year of this broadcast? I want to touch on the topic of getting your own YouTube clone set up. We will tear apart the basic necessity you need (FFMPEG hosting) and give you a few good scripts to try out so you too can get on the social video sharing bandwagon.


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You can make a clone of about any popular website service out there, and YouTube is no exception. You basically need the FFMPEG tools to help convert the video or audio into a digestible web format and a script to organize it all. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Here is what we have in store for you on today’s show:

What is FFMPEG Hosting?

Time to take a look at another hosting term you might have heard of but didn’t really know what it means. FFMPEG hosting is the word up for review today. This is a term that is used to refer to any time of hosting that provides an assortment of of recording, converting and streaming tools for audio and video on the server side.

Best YouTube Clone Scripts

So, you want to start your own website where people can upload videos of dogs of skateboards? A few years back, this would be nearly impossible. These days though, finding a script that will clone many of the best features a video sharing service like YouTube has is pretty easy. There are a lot of duds out there though in the world of YouTube clone scripts so I have gone through the trenches to find you the three best scripts for the job.

That is it for today’s show. Hope you enjoy – and if you have any feedback be sure let me know on the Web Hosting Show website.