Ytel CEO, Nick Newsom, Appointed to Internet Marketing Association’s International Executive Council

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Ytel’s CEO, Nick Newsom, was appointed by the Internet Marketing Association to the International Executive Council as a leader in Communications. Over 300 professionals have been appointed to this council including professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google and Adobe, to name a few.

“Joining IMA’s International Executive Council is important to me because I want to make an impact and provide best practices to business professionals on the advancements in communications,” said Nick Newsom, CEO, Ytel. “With IMA having over one million members, this was the perfect opportunity to share my passion.”

“We welcome Nick’s deep expertise in business communications and tech background,” said IMA Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz. “He brings a very important dimension to this highly distinguished leadership group with members from around the world.”

Nick has been the communications industry for over 20 years. In his most recent business venture he founded Ytel in 2012 and has successfully grown the business by over 50% year over year. The goal of Ytel was to build, customize, and host a suite of software applications that help businesses of all sizes communicate effectively with their customers. With a unique management style, he believes in investing in his employees and promoting a culture of success and structure.

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About Ytel
Ytel is a preeminent software company, specializing in cloud-based communications solutions that service businesses worldwide. Its SaaS-based offerings include Cloud Contact Center® and message360°®. These services provide businesses cost effective solutions that power modern communications through phone, email, text messaging, and direct mail. Ytel supports over 30 million outbound and inbound interactions daily, on a company owned network, increasing revenue and maximizing efficiency.

About the Internet Marketing Association
IMA is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing groups in the world, with more than 1,000,000 professional members in fields including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming and creative development. It provides a platform where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared to increase members’ value to their organizations. IMA is underwritten by corporate partners to provide an opportunity to learn, engage and define best practices without making a financial commitment.