Zeitgeist Captures Top Web Searches of 2012

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – This year, a number of news stories made national headlines, whether they involved the race for the presidency, sporting events or anticipated electronics device releases.

In no other area, however, were they more prominent than the web’s top search engine: Google, of course…

The tech giant recently unveiled its Zeitgeist for the year 2012, revealing the most popular searches in a number of categories.

“On our 2012 Zeitgeist website, you can explore the most popular and hottest trending search terms from around the world. This year’s site is our most global to date, with a total of 838 lists from 55 countries,” stated company via its blog.

The top trending search? Whitney Houston, the soulful singer who passed away in February at the early age of 48. Meanwhile, top search spots 2 and 3 included “Gangnam Style” and “Hurricane Sandy” respectively. Also included among the top were “iPad 3,” “Diablo 3” and “Kate Middleton.”

As for athletes, NBA player Jeremy Lin won top honors, followed by Michael Phelps and Peyton Manning.

In the area of consumer electronics, top searches were performed for “iPad 3,” “Samsung Galaxy S3” and “iPad mini.” Other categories included images, events, feature films, events, TV shows, performing artists, airlines and Google hastags.

In total, Google says it captured 1.2 trillion searches during 2012 – which to us, sounds pretty amazing.