Zenoss helps biological sample company monitor all systems, saves valuable samples

Hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software developer, Zenoss, now monitors BioreclamationIVT’s network, applications, and its storage freezers and refrigerators. BioreclamationIVT provides biospecimens and services to life sciences and pharmaceutical companies.

The company expects to achieve cost savings as it deploys the scalable Zenoss platform to its locations in New York, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Baltimore, and Chestertown, Maryland.

Vice president of information technology at BioreclamationIVT, Paul Servinskas, states that each of their primary locations was using a separate monitoring system, each with their own quirks and problems. The company has materials stored at minus 20 Celsius, minus 80 Celsius, and in liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers, as well as biospecimens and culture media stored in normal refrigerators.

Servinskas states that bringing Zenoss into each location will allow the company to easily monitor equipment in all facilities through a single cohesive platform.

In the six months since BioreclamationIVT deployed Zenoss in its U.K. facility, Zenoss has enabled employees to spot trends with freezers that are about to fail, allowing products to be saved before they spoil, including saving an extensive clinical collection of disease-state specimens acquired over the past 10 years or more.

View the full post at Zenoss to learn more on how BioreclamationIVT decreased outages and failures, and saved irreplaceable samples critical to their business.