Zeus Trojan Steals $1 Million from UK Banks

(Ping! Zine) – UK security company, M86 has recently announced that it has uncovered evidence that the Zeus Trojan has recently raided around 3,000 customer bank accounts at a single UK bank. Close to $1 million is estimated to have been stolen from account holders at the bank over the past month.

Concerns are growing stronger as the number successful attacks on a wide range of UK banks continues to climb since Spring of this year.

Last Friday, Trusteer warned people that over 100,000 computers had been infected with undetectible versions of the Zeus Trojan.

One month earlier, it was found that the Zeus trojan had attacked 15 US banks using the SecureCode credit card verification systems for Visa and Mastercard holders.

According to M86, criminals exploited vulnerabilities in applications like Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, and Java. visitors with the vulnerabilities unpatched would have encountered the Trojan through ads on copy-cat websites.

Consumers are now wondering how to protect themselves from such future attacks. The company is recommending the use of sandboxed and virtualized browsers as one option. However, it is very clear that banks will have to start implimenting better fraud control.