(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Visitors to the ZoneFox stand at InfoSec will be offered a free four-week trial of the company’s market-leading cyber security software ( ) designed to guard against internal data security breaches.

ZoneFox has developed proprietary technology, which helps companies detect and analyse deliberate, and accidental internal breaches of network security and violation of IT policy.  The system is particularly aimed at companies who have valuable intellectual property and data to protect such as technology, electronics, engineering and pharmaceutical companies.

Jamie Graves, CEO and co-founder of ZoneFox said: “Our proprietary solution focuses on internal threats to sensitive and confidential data.  By offering a free trial we aim to highlight to organisations data security weaknesses that they may not be aware of.  Our technology constantly monitors activity on the endpoint so that management can be alerted in real time of any potential threats.  For example, we recently carried out an audit exercise for a global engineering company.  Using our systems we were able to find out that unbeknown to the company an employee had been secretly backing up highly sensitive information to an external drive.  The information stolen was potentially worth up to £10m.  Employees can steal information either for monetary gain or simply for malicious purposes if they are disgruntled.  In most cases companies only find out after the data has gone or been sold to a competitor.”

Matt Little, Chief Technology Officer at ZoneFox added: “Companies are often surprised at how much access people have to confidential data.  The situation has been compounded by the fact that many employees may have permission to install software and bring their own devices to work.  The only answer to preventing breaches is to continually monitor the end-point activity on the network and identify any anomalous behaviour and this is what our solution does.”

ZoneFox has also been shortlisted as a finalist for the UK’s most innovative Small Cyber Security Company of the Year.  The company has been selected from 11 entrants to be one of the four finalists to present to a panel of judges at InfoSec.

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About ZoneFox

The company was established in 2010 as a spin-out from Edinburgh Napier University.   ZoneFox is a highly innovative Endpoint Monitoring & Insider Threat Detection solution that helps its customers protect their business-critical assets: data and intellectual property (IP) from malicious or accidental breach from Insiders. ZoneFox has a proven track record of protecting reputation, sales revenue, and competitive advantage by providing next generation data monitoring, security analytics and endpoint security.

Through its constant monitoring capability, ZoneFox provides a unique perspective on user activity tracking. This lightweight software agent, resident on each machine under surveillance, monitors user behaviour as a series of fine-grained events in real-time. This provides timely threat detection of data breaches, informing and facilitating a relevant response and enabling:

  • Policy compliance monitoring
  • Auditing for external compliance
  • Protective monitoring
  • Data and IP Protection

ZoneFox provides these benefits by takes a radically different approach to the software-agent model. The agent installed on each system performs no analysis or preventative actions on the endpoint but instead simply gathers and sends data for alerting or investigation. This ‘dumb agent’ approach has significant advantages over existing, traditional, models:

  • Does not interfere-with, or hinder, worker productivity
  • Reduces performance drain on the end-point;
  • No need to push policies to the end point, reducing complexity of deployment, and ensuring no data goes missing.
  • Presents a smaller attack surface to sophisticated attackers;