Zuckerberg Gets Hitched! Announcement Made Via Facebook

(Ping! Zine) – Just one day after Facebook went public, Mark Zuckerburg and his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan got married.

According to CNN, the announcement was made via Facebook on Saturday by Zuckerburg in which he added a life event to his timeline reading: Married Priscilla Chan.

Zuckerburg also changed his status to “married” and posted a wedding photo of the couple.

The marriage comes just one day after Facebook’s IPO, which was the biggest ever for a technology company.

An article from Yahoo reported that Zuckerburg’s timing for the wedding was a “smart business move” according to California divorce lawyers.

If the couple did sign a prenuptial agreement, Zuckerburg and Chan would have been able to decide on exactly how to split assets if a divorce were to ever occur. That would also include Zuckerburg’s stock in the company.

The couple met during Zuckerburg’s Sophmore year at Havard.