About Us

Ping! Zine’s First Issue March 2003


The Industry’s Most Respected and Widely Read Magazine!  Celebrating its Tenth Year…Ping! Zine is the Industry’s Premier Voice for both Service Providers and End Users.


Since 2002, Ping! Zine has been offering an exciting and entertaining magazine about the Internet, Technology and Web Hosting Industry.  Ping! Zine offers Informative stories and articles for your business, Investigative Reports in the Internet Technology Industry, Information that keeps you Competitive, How-To’s in Security & Server Maintenance and Lots of General FUN.

Ping! Zine features a diverse range of technical and practical articles in each issue. We also provide an archive of all past issues on our website. Whether you want to enjoy the convenience of surfing through the articles while on-line or sitting in your favorite chair reading the latest issues, Ping! Zine is available for you.

To learn more about how Ping! Zine can help your company to build a powerful image, strengthen brand awareness and increase sales opportunities, contact our Ping! Zine Sales Team.


It is the mission of the Editorial Board for Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine to provide its readership with quality and informative articles about the industry in general and the hosting community in specific.

Through this policy, our editorial staff will not be involved with the marketing and sales portion of this magazine and will continue to separate itself from the writing of advertorials, marketing-type reviews of products or services and endeavor to provide unbiased opinions of the subjects written about.

Though, due to the nature and size of the industry, it is possible that editors will cross hypothetical lines involving editor and advertiser, it will be their mission to look beyond the possible marketing implications and provide honest content based on their expertise and experience. We do not allow advertisers to control any part of our editorial content.